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087 - I taught I taw a putty tat

S McAvoy Rd, Coeur d'Alene, ID, US

Claimed by I'mBored 3 weeks 3 days ago (21h 48m 2s since publication)

Presents are opened and turkey is cooking ... what to do next? Took a drive in hopes that this tag was still there ... and it was! Another great Christmas present! Sadly, did not see the putty tat.

108 - Creston park

SE Francis St, Creston - Kenilworth, Portland, OR, US

Claimed by Rygemini 4 weeks 12 hours ago (17h 41m 24s since publication)

I happen to be at the park today and thought I heard some ape noises from nearby. I did a little bit of investigating and was able to snag the tag. Thanks for the fun!

022 - Round Lake Golden Ticket

Sagle, ID, US

Claimed by geojane 4 weeks 1 day ago (1h 36m 39s since publication)

Woohoo! Spotted the ape and found the golden ticket in the wilds beyond the park. A big shoutout to one of my GC buddies, Under the Side, for being on the lookout and alerting me. (Doing the happy dance now. 🤪☃🎄❄)

089 - Where’s the Ladder?

Mountain Loop Hwy, Jordan Road-Canyon Creek, WA, US

Claimed by Bog boi 1 month 6 hours ago (12h 51m 28s since publication)

It’s me I found it

050 - Mad Monkey Ape coin

Hallandale Beach, FL, US

Claimed by TheDeadpoolians 1 month 10 hours ago (8h 53m 46s since publication)

We gave MAXIMUM EFFORT tonight and grabbed this trixy monkey!! Thanks so much!!! Now for some pancakery!!

135 - Turning Basin Site

Des Moines Memorial Dr, Highline, Tukwila, WA, US

Claimed by rainlizard 1 month 15 hours ago (3h 59m 36s since publication)

This was 3 miles from my husband's construction site in Tukwila. Of course today was the one day he wasn't on that site! He was so excited that it was still there cuz this is his first snag!! He called me singing " I've got a golden ticket"!

024 - APE stops by Stormville Rest Area

I-84, Stormville, NY, US

Claimed by Dr.Evil! 1 month 15 hours ago (3h 16m 47s since publication)

2.5 hours from my house and the day after the storm. I did not think I had a chance, but had to try, considering the days are dwindling down to zero really fast and I had no idea if another would even pop up again in this area. Thank you for placing the tag‼️

134 - Garden on Bickford Ave.

Bickford Ave, Snohomish, WA, US

Claimed by Neonpinkcrayon81 1 month 17 hours ago (1h 6m 1s since publication)

Called in late for work for this! Can’t believe my luck it was there for so long! Thank you so much!

104 - Giants

200 St, Jericho, Langley Twp, BC, CA

Claimed by Gearhedd 1 month 18 hours ago (1h 0m 40s since publication)

I’m so happy to get this ticket... and just happened to get today off

090 - Allen Ape

91st St NE, Marysville, WA, US

Claimed by syoliver 1 month 18 hours ago (40m 42s since publication)

Ran out the door in my crocs!!!! Finally one in my area. Thank you so much!!!!!

096 - Cochrane Memorial Park

Mill Rd SE, Yelm, WA, US

Claimed by Sproutter 1 month 18 hours ago (30m 54s since publication)

Just happen to be out and about in the morning when it's published. Decided to take my chance I'm sure enough I finally got one.

025 - Ape loves Taste of NY

Taconic State Parkway, Lagrangeville, NY, US

Claimed by DisneyDork323 1 month 23 hours ago (1d 18h 51m 0s since publication)

Wooohoooo! I had almost given up hope of grabbing one of these! I checked the map last night and realized one was only an hour and forty minutes away! After conferring with some snagging buddies, it was decided best to wait until morning when there was less chance of black ice. However 5am came around and I couldn’t sleep anymore! So off I went. Arrived at GZ safely and saw no telltale boot prints to reveal another searcher. So I stomped right through the snow (all the way up to my knees - definitely got some inside the winter boots lol), closed my eyes, said a quick prayer, reached up, AND SNAGGED THE TAG!! Thank you to the hiders and those running these contests. 😁

119 - Kitsap Tyee

Silverdale Way NW, Silverdale, WA, US

Claimed by TheophilusWilson 1 month 2 days ago (6h 43m 14s since publication)

The first snagthetag for me. On a quick trip in the rain to check on two geocaches that have reported DNF. Nice hide. Thank you.


S Temple, Central City, Salt Lake City, UT, US

Claimed by Kilee 1 month 2 days ago (7h 36m 37s since publication)

Found. It was in a great place.

131 - Ape Squared

600 E, Central City, Salt Lake City, UT, US

Claimed by Big&Old1 1 month 2 days ago (7h 35m 34s since publication)

Scouter, Father, Friend to everyone. Car Nut, love car shows, Santa

093 - BCFD #4

N 61st Ave, West Richland, WA, US

Claimed by Tumbleweed2 1 month 2 days ago (1h 18m 19s since publication)

What a nice surprise to see this one pop up so close to my home. (Less than .1 mi, to be exact). Thanks so much to the hiders to brighten this grey day for me!

092 - Station 83

Sandifur Pkwy, Pasco, WA, US

Claimed by Lidaife 1 month 2 days ago (44m 2s since publication)

Woohoo! Finally!

112 - A Healthy Ape

S Hayden Rd, Airway Heights, WA, US

Claimed by LLCOOL 1 month 2 days ago (3h 20m 34s since publication)

Found it.

107 - Ape attack

NE Beech St, Argay, Portland, OR, US

Claimed by fairyhoney 1 month 2 days ago (3h 18m 18s since publication)

Was heading down to Oregon City for personal business. This popped up and thought I’d give it a try. Why not !? As I was searching, I heard a tremendous roar unlike anything I’ve heard in person but, only in the movies. I saw a hairy paw and KNEW I needed to Check it out. SCORE

120 - Looking for Geoffrey

Kitsap Mall Blvd NW, Silverdale, WA, US

Claimed by Sawwhetowls 1 month 2 days ago (3h 6m 43s since publication)

The third try is a charm today! So excited to find an APE! Thank you hider for the hide!

076 - A Spectacular View and an Ape Too!

Willoughby Rd, West Vancouver, BC, CA

Claimed by gershu 1 month 2 days ago (2h 33m 54s since publication)

soooo do I get a banana now?

003 - Ape's Soccer Workout, Then a Nap

SE Jacobia St, Snoqualmie Ridge, Snoqualmie, WA, US

Claimed by NepoKama 1 month 2 days ago (2h 18m 45s since publication)

Lovely morning for a drive and a quick find.

002 - Ape Waiting On A Ride

SE Petrovitsky Rd, Maple Valley, WA, US

Claimed by TeamFin 1 month 2 days ago (2h 0m 35s since publication)

Right where you said it would be.

061 - Hey Joe

OR-82, Joseph, OR, US

Claimed by Cov3rts 1 month 2 days ago (1h 20m 31s since publication)

Delightfully surprised to see this appear today and it was a close drive from the cabin where I am staying thank you for the hide.

113 - A Shopping Ape

W 12th Ave, Airway Heights, WA, US

Claimed by KC7DQM 1 month 2 days ago (1h 8m 9s since publication)

YESSS! I feel like Charlie when he got his golden ticket. I have been waiting patiently for the opportunity to grab one of these. Well, it worked out because I forgot that I ran out of milk for breakfast so I skipped it in lieu of expedience. That paid off. So, with ice skates under my wheels, I skidded my way to the local coffee place and grabbed a victory breakfast sandwich and slid off to the job. One of the best parts about the number for logging this ticket is the code, it is so befitting of me. Thanks to those who placed. To bad this golden ticket doesn't earn me access to a magical factory.

049 - Crossfit Ape

Town Bay Dr, Boca Raton, FL, US

Claimed by TheMasses 1 month 2 days ago (1h 34m 26s since publication)

Got it! Does this count as doing cross fit?

102 - Ape visits the Dog Park

Bujacich Rd, Gig Harbor, WA, US

Claimed by Cachenscary 1 month 3 days ago (1d 9h 36m 8s since publication)


101 - Ape goes to swim with the fishes.

Viking Ave NW, Poulsbo, WA, US

Claimed by H2SG2 1 month 3 days ago (5h 42m 34s since publication)

After two DNF’s on other tags I was hoping for third time’s the charm. Unfortunately, I had an appt to get to so hubby had to go it alone. he struggled with the ape and got a little muddy, but came out victorious! I was so excited to see the photo pop up on my phone when he found it!!

128 - Smart Monkey

N Greene St, Chief Garry Park, Spokane, WA, US

Claimed by Rfyooper88 1 month 3 days ago (1h 22m 11s since publication)

Wanted to get one of these so bad!!! When one published early enough before I had to work, I gave my husband Onewheeler the look and off we went. We took both cars since I had to head to work after and Onewheeler had an appointment out in the valley. Worked out perfect. Can't wait to redeem for the coin!!! Some great just happened in 2020!!!!

129 - Trained Monkey

N Rebecca St, Chief Garry Park, Spokane, WA, US

Claimed by Hoptidoctor 1 month 3 days ago (1h 15m 27s since publication)

This little ape found his golden ticket by training to be his own boss. Don't go in the gate, you aren't that kind of monkey. Look for the big rock on the grass. Your golden ticket lies at the base, facing the road.

048 - Amelia Ape

E 65th St, Opa-locka, FL, US

Claimed by Lunas 1 month 3 days ago (58m 45s since publication)

Amelia Ape was awakened at dawn to see the fog lifting in namesake Amelia Earhart’s park. She found a new South Florida home. So lucky to rescue Amelia before the game ends! Thanks so much to the hider!

116 - Looking for Cattle

Cattle Point Rd, Lopez Island, WA, US

Claimed by Balkamper13 1 month 4 days ago (2d 5h 34m 33s since publication)

This one popped up Saturday morning just as i was getting on the ferry to go off island. I was surprised to see it hadn't been claimed all weekend so i went out and grabbed it when i got back today.

007 - Family in Crosby

Christopher Rd NW, Crosby, WA, US

Claimed by Bugs59 1 month 4 days ago (1h 19m 44s since publication)

So happy I was able to find this little tag. His cousin was still fast asleep since it was very early. Stealth was used in retrieving this so not to wake Harry. Thank you all for putting these little tag's out.

105 - Dimmed Lights

Pinetree Way, Coquitlam, BC, CA

Claimed by buggirl1975 1 month 4 days ago (29m 8s since publication)

I've got a golden ticket!!!🎶🎵 Saw this published at 6:03 AM. Totally thought it was as a dawn agent until I looked again part way to Lafarge... I just had been figuring - do I shower first, or walk the dog first? Decision made! Coat over pyjama's, shoes on, geodog eagerly ran over to join in and off we went! Coincidentally, we were here last night until 8 pm walking the lake as my parents live across the street. The few lights that are up were on then, not this morning! It's still a lovely setting. And a great place for a walk! Two thumbs and 2 paws up! Thanks for hiding this for me to find and adding a fun moment to the "get ready for work/school" routine! buggirl1975 and Ari the geodog

040 - Dune Peninsula Park

N Waterfront Dr, West End, Tacoma, WA, US

Claimed by 1nascarnut 1 month 5 days ago (9h 16m 58s since publication)

Yeah! Thank you to the hider for confirming the tag was still there. That was a toughie! We had moved on down to DuPont to do some caching and saw the confirmation. Just came back and spent about 10 minutes looking again. About to give up when one more look revealed the tag. Thank you! 😊

033 - No Tunnel Here!

UT-201, Magna, UT, US

Claimed by Meekeedragon 1 month 5 days ago (3h 38m 37s since publication)

Found it! Thanks for the hide, was a beautiful drive this morning!

046 - The ape with the boo boo

FL-817, Sunrise, FL, US

Claimed by ikolor 1 month 5 days ago (2h 18m 23s since publication)

saw this early notification and I ran over to help the ape with additional supplies,if needed. He is safe and sound!

081 - Custer, Washington

I-5, Custer, WA, US

Claimed by melagal 1 month 6 days ago (13h 35m 48s since publication)

Fun times to be had with Jules31976, who convinced me to get out in the cold to come after this. Thanks to both Jules, and the hider!!!

117 - Wandering the rails!

Oakes Ave, Anacortes, WA, US

Claimed by Jules31976 1 month 6 days ago (11h 49m 8s since publication)

Ohhhhh y'all! Second times a charm! Thanks for the find!

057 - Ape is just Horsing Around (again)

N Conquistador St, Las Vegas, NV, US

Claimed by Dicejerry 1 month 1 week ago (9h 58m 56s since publication)

I found it horsing around at the park

056 - Ape at the Spring Preserve

Springs Preserve, Rancho Oakey, Las Vegas, NV, US

Claimed by Gus 1 month 1 week ago (9h 8m 52s since publication)

Interrupted the lunch of some ground squirrels to make the grab.

126 - Driftwood

E Cobblestone Loop, Twin Beaches, ID, US

Claimed by UnderTheSide 1 month 1 week ago (1d 2h 4m 54s since publication)

Wow....that took 1.5 hours of hunting since I was also confused by the mirror. I was across the street rearranging the rock wall. Just as I was leaving and totally disappointed, I decided to focus on the mirror itself. JOY. Now the 2 hour drive back to Sandpoint. Thank you hider!

144 - Three Sister View

Railway Ave, Canmore, AB, CA

Claimed by Pokey and Reese 1 month 1 week ago (2h 48m 15s since publication)

Couldn’t sleep this morning and got the notification so I grabbed Reese the Wonderdog and headed out! I thought at first a car was missing as part of the rail has been removed for construction. A quick peek here and there and the find was made. Can’t wait to order the companion tag!

086 - Valley Overlook

Old Spiral Hwy, Lewiston, ID, US

Claimed by Vandal65 1 month 1 week ago (10h 26m 25s since publication)

Glad I had the day off today so I go get this one. Thanks for the hide, and my brother in law for tipping me off this morning that it had been placed.

012 - Atomic APE

Lambert Rd, Fuller, WA, US

Claimed by ThrYar 1 month 1 week ago (7h 43m 16s since publication)

Roger the therapy dog and I saw this this morning and he went nuclear. We drove one and a half hours and we're pleased to make the find

026 - APE Resting

US-6, Port Jervis, NY, US

Claimed by kelkavcvt 1 month 1 week ago (4h 47m 19s since publication)

Woke up this morning to find that a golden ticket had landed fairly close to home. My trip to the Pacific Northwest this summer was obviously canceled, but very much looking forward to hopefully making it back to Washington this coming summer 2021.

072 - This Ape Got Hammered

1st Ave, Central Business District, Seattle, WA, US

Claimed by BWelcker 1 month 1 week ago (1h 42m 4s since publication)

Woo hoo! Saw this one pop up downtown and rushed down to get it.

045 - Tropical ape

FL-810, Deerfield Beach, FL, US

Claimed by Dolfinando 1 month 1 week ago (4h 21m 26s since publication)

Got a late start on the search but got the monkey!

073 - The Pay It Forward Ape

Poplar Way, Alderwood, Lynnwood, WA, US

Claimed by A1Bozo 1 month 1 week ago (28m 18s since publication)

The ape hatched. Mother and baby are doing well.

042 - Lost in the woods

Hoodsport, WA, US

Claimed by TheTrailAwaits 1 month 1 week ago (5d 10h 14m 59s since publication)

I saw this when it first came out, but, i thought it was too far away. Last night after 5 days in the wild it decided it needed to be found. I left Spanway around 7:30 am and headed out. The roads were a bit tricky to follow, but, eventually I made it to GZ. The tag was an easy find.

150 - Don't Let Him Sit

County Rd BW, Madison, WI, US

Claimed by Kuhndoggy 1 month 1 week ago (27m 44s since publication)

Omg. Super sweet. Thx to cron

044 - Appetizing ape

FL-817, Sunrise, FL, US

Claimed by Dockdog 1 month 2 weeks ago (4h 7m 16s since publication)

I saw this come out this morning but didn't think it would still be here by the time I had to go to my VA appointment. I stopped by to check and found this hungry little guy hiding out. Sometimes you're just in the right place at the right time.

038 - Ape finding his way to the amusement park

N Pope Rd, Athol, ID, US

Claimed by Pbrjwin 1 month 2 weeks ago (1d 3h 10m 0s since publication)

I saw this tag publish yesterday while at work. I had parental duties after work so was not able to go then. I know this place well. Ironically, I hid a tag here once. After dropping my daughter off at school, I made the drive. I couldn’t believe this tag lasted so long and I’m so happy I was lucky enough to snag it. Thank you!

034 - Where is the rodeo?

Center St, Lake Point, UT, US

Claimed by Kate8Kate 1 month 2 weeks ago (2h 49m 37s since publication)

Wow it is a brisk morning for a walk in the park. I had to wait for the car to warm up, to get the frost off. Man a few minutes feels like a long time when you are trying to get to a tag.

010 - APE visits Fremont

Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop, North Queen Anne, Seattle, WA, US

Claimed by PeacefulMountain 1 month 2 weeks ago (47m 33s since publication)

FINALLY a tag was placed within Seattle! I am shocked I was able to find it this late after publishing. I rushed down on this cold clear early morning to make the find. Thank you!

085 - Hillview "Jungle"

S Fillmore St, Kennewick, WA, US

Claimed by Dave Manning 1 month 2 weeks ago (6h 26m 15s since publication)

Sent my sister on this one .Good to have connections nearby .great pictures and description for a easy find for her

098 - APE at the Old Alton / Goatman Bridge

Old Alton Rd, Denton, TX, US

Claimed by McKsix 1 month 2 weeks ago (4h 0m 39s since publication)

Saw it post this morning in south Dallas. Had to take our little guy to preschool in Fort Worth and then ran up here. Excited it was still waiting for us! Thank you!!

064 - Ape at the Pit

35th Ave S, SeaTac, WA, US

Claimed by Go.warcat 1 month 2 weeks ago (1h 26m 45s since publication)

Good way to get your heart rate up in the morning is to race for an ape tag while you are supposed to be at the laptop centre. I was 20 minutes away and figured it would be gone. I kept refreshing my map driving as quickly as my Jeep would take me. I thought for sure somebody had already claimed this one but the note was simply telling us all that it was still there!! This is the 3rd tag I've tried to snag... 3rd time is the charm. I absolutely love the pit so this one was very fitting for me. Thank you so much to the hider for placing one here. Today started out as a crapfest and this made it when 100% better!! And the view is the icing on the ape tag!!

082 - Sheltering from the storm

S College Dr, Bellingham, WA, US

Claimed by Crouchcrew 1 month 2 weeks ago (2h 19m 9s since publication)

Awesome find and awesome coin, THX!

123 - George Can't Travel Either

Veradale, Spokane Valley, WA, US

Claimed by Mr & Mrs Parts 1 month 2 weeks ago (46m 8s since publication)

Early morning search and find venture to a spot only a couple of minutes away from home. Nice and dark and tried to be sneaky to avoid a visit from the security guys. Luckily was there and gone hopefully before they noticed. Thanks for the fun.

143 - Reader's Ape

25 Ave SE, Manchester Industrial, Calgary, AB, CA

Claimed by 1 month 2 weeks ago (3d 6h 1m 50s since publication)

quick stop his early morning to grab a new Lab cache and this beauty! Thank you for hiding!

021 - Rathdrum Mountain Ol' Tree Stand

N Reservoir Rd, Rathdrum, ID, US

Claimed by Geopaully 1 month 2 weeks ago (4h 40m 17s since publication)

Got up and saw this posted so thought I would go for it. Great hike.

122 - When Gary Visits Garry

Government Way, Spokane, WA, US

Claimed by lovessmiles 1 month 2 weeks ago (1h 44m 53s since publication)

Lots of turkeys around this morning. Glad that I was able to snag this tag.

059 - Meter Made

5th St, Santa Rosa, CA, US

Claimed by GeoTabG 1 month 2 weeks ago (6h 51m 36s since publication)

I saw that this one published this morning and kept an eye on. When I saw it was still not logged as found by noon I made the drive out. Found it as described. Thanks for the TAG! GeoTabG on, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok

099 - The APE Visits Justin Texas !

FM156, Justin, TX, US

Claimed by KidWrangler 1 month 3 weeks ago (4h 19m 3s since publication)

I saw this one post and consulted my “snag the tag” expert friend to confirm I was eligible to find this. She confirmed I was indeed. So I made the ride to Justin and snagged this tag! Big thanks for the fun!

095 - Rainier Veterans Memorial Park

WA-507, Rainier, WA, US

Claimed by seod42 1 month 3 weeks ago (1h 26m 54s since publication)

What a fun way to start a Thanksgiving with a Ape tag. Thanks. Bunch.

030 - End of the Line

E Larch St, Othello, WA, US

Claimed by Walkingdead 1 month 3 weeks ago (1d 3h 19m 54s since publication)

Saw this one was available last night still but my husband didn’t want to make the drive . Luckily it was still here when we woke up so jumped in the car and drove over an hour. Luckily it was still there when we finally pulled in and quickly made the find!

060 - A Fern Bus Stop

OR-126 BUS, Springfield, OR, US

Claimed by Razzl3&Dazzl3 1 month 3 weeks ago (2h 49m 19s since publication)

I’ve been watching for an eight take to pop close to me. This must be the day to find the ape in the jungle of fern! Thank you to the hider! 🦍

070 - The APE is Exploring between states

VT-119, Hinsdale, NH, US

Claimed by rff1960 1 month 3 weeks ago (1d 2h 16m 53s since publication)

I had the day off so I decided to take the 3hr drive from Plymouth Ma to see if I could Snag this Tag. Since you are reading this you know I was successful. Found it. Thanks for hiding it.

125 - War Cannon

Government Way, Spokane, WA, US

Claimed by Msb2017 1 month 3 weeks ago (1h 41m 16s since publication)

I saw this in the morning by a fluke looking for my work email. So after throwing some clothes on and battling the drive in the snow (and seeing an accident right when I got to the main road) I was able to get to the location in untouched snow. I am stoaked to be able to grab this after searching every nook and crack around the coordinates. It is our first Spot the Ape and couldn't be more stoaked seeing this is the first one in Spokane posted. So stoked to get this other half!!!

067 - Ape want to soar into the wild blue yonder!

N Durango Dr, Las Vegas, NV, US

Claimed by Willowcacher 1 month 3 weeks ago (3h 40m 55s since publication)

This was an awesome snag! Found with lovesSmiles. This statue was pretty cool!

083 - Ape Hangs with Herons

152nd Pl SE, Bothell, WA, US

Claimed by Emmilliam 1 month 3 weeks ago (28m 29s since publication)

Holy cow. Tricky find in the dark. The ape has been captured!

149 - Where The Ape Guards A Door

S Center St, St. Pat's, Joliet, IL, US

Claimed by CanisMinor 1 month 4 weeks ago (1h 8m 12s since publication)

Saw this published while getting ready for work this morning, and was already 30 mins after publication before I was out the door. Made the quick trip over and started looking. I thought for sure I had been beat because GZ had changed since the posted pix were taken. Almost gave up, but spied the ticket way underneath. Thanks for placing this for me to find

066 - APE is visiting Jurassic Park in Alamo

US-93, Alamo, NV, US

Claimed by Thrilled2b 2 months 13 hours ago (6h 54m 47s since publication)

Saw this listing posted this today as I drank my my morning coffee. I tossed the idea around for a bit and decided to go for it if it hadn't been claimed by the time I finished gassing up by car and getting an oil change. I doubled checked after my tasks were completed and saw it was still unclaimed. So, I put on an audio book, grabbed some snacks and headed out. Luckily, it was right in place when I got there and in a really cool tin. Thank you for hiding this, this was a nice fun day for me and, much needed.

110 - Rotary Park Ape

US-97, Ellensburg, WA, US

Claimed by CryptoCacher 2 months 2 days ago (2h 1m 29s since publication)

found with drjinx at about 7:45 am this morning. Just a slight drizzle and a couple of dog walkers out this morning. This was the first Golden Ticket we've seen published nearby this year, so we're glad we could make the claim. Now... off to work. Thanks for placing these tickets! CryptoCacher

029 - Oh Deere!

Crestloch Rd, Pasco, WA, US

Claimed by TrekWithKids 2 months 3 days ago (2h 33m 15s since publication)

This find was the thrill of the day! We dashed out of bed with messy hair and empty bellies. Driving in a controlled frantic mode and believing everybody was on the same path, we pulled in safely to victory! Thank you for the ticket! Kid was so excited to find.

032 - One for the show!

W 2500 S, West Valley City, UT, US

Claimed by Tru Star 2 months 3 days ago (2h 13m 0s since publication)

I'm sooo excited!!! I didn't think any would be posted in Utah! I'd stopped checking and on a whim I looked and 1.5 hours earlier it had posted, I rolled outta bed and out the door to make the grab! Many thanks to the hider, you made my day!

069 - The Ape meets Bull(s) Bridge area

Bulls Bridge Rd, South Kent, Kent, CT, US

Claimed by King Rason 2 months 3 days ago (3h 54m 5s since publication)

Came out to find this one with very little sleep last night. I made it harder than it needed to be so after walking in circles for a bit I put the coordinates in and made the easy find. Thanks for the hide and for taking me out today!

005 - APE checking out the Summit

Northern Pacific Trail, Saltese, MT, US

Claimed by Titan_Toons 2 months 4 days ago (4d 15h 35m 52s since publication)

My first snag the tag! How fun is this, thank you for the hide.

063 - Ape hiding at the mall

Outlet Collection Way, Auburn, WA, US

Claimed by Laurie253 2 months 4 days ago (1h 30m 4s since publication)

So close to home but didn’t see it until 7:15am. Headed quickly to tag and it was there!!! Yay! Thanks for the fun!

079 - cAPE Horn

WA-14, Prindle, WA, US

Claimed by RedsWife 2 months 4 days ago (1h 7m 3s since publication)

Ahhhh my first snag the tag! I'm so excited!

147 - Guarding the Ape in Stone Canyon

Mulholland Dr, Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA, US

Claimed by Socalgirls 2 months 4 days ago (55m 21s since publication)

It has been awhile since I was last on this road. Fun memories. Grabbed the tag and then enjoyed the view across the street. Thanks Scott for the tag.

138 - the glowing

10th Ave NW, Richmond Highlands, Shoreline, WA, US

Claimed by komikino 2 months 5 days ago (1h 14m 31s since publication)

Made the find early this morning! Thanks for hiding this!

111 - Sasquatch

41st Ave SW, Fauntleroy, Seattle, WA, US

Claimed by Latetrap 2 months 6 days ago (4h 5m 17s since publication)

I love GIFF. Saw this publish and was surprised to discover it was still there when I arrived.

006 - APE exploring South Dakota

7th Ave E, Mobridge, SD, US

Claimed by Gloworm77 2 months 1 week ago (9h 8m 27s since publication)

What an adventure, as it was Veterans day I had projects around the house and didn’t check my email till after lunch. I seen this tag publish 7 hrs ago and was 100 miles away. I called my geo buddy Butterfly_77 to see if she wanted to go on an adventure. She came to town as I gassed up my geovan. We took the fastest route and kept refreshing the tag page the whole way. Thank you for placing this tag for a local in the area to find! It made our day :)

037 - Ape running loose on the boardwalk

S 3rd St, Coeur d'Alene, ID, US

Claimed by GSFirefly 2 months 1 week ago (3h 39m 19s since publication)

Found ticket on the Boardwalk. Thanks.

055 - Hasenpfeffer

S Grand Central Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV, US

Claimed by HTBob 2 months 1 week ago (1h 15m 45s since publication)

Took a bit of driving to find a place to park. Cool!

053 - The Ape loves the View

US-44, Amenia, NY, US

Claimed by Chrmdome 2 months 1 week ago (2h 56m 48s since publication)

Yahoo! Woke up at 6:30, and noticed the Ape Tag posted 30 minutes ago!! What! I’m late, I have a 2 hour drive and I probably won’t make it...but...what the heck, let’s give it a shot! The last ten miles of my trip I was behind a convoy of tree cutting trucks! Ugh! If I miss this because of slow traffic, sigh. As I pulled into the parking lot, I saw a blue car. Ugh! I missed it! I’m here, so I guess I should do some searching. No luck at the first boulder, struck out at the second, nothing at the third...but...what’s that...a suspicious looking rock next to the fourth boulders. SCORE!!!! ADMIT ONE!! It’s not perfect, but I think this deserves my best attempt at the Ape Cache pose (see pic below). Stay safe y’all!! And thanks for the fun!!

020 - Mineral Ridge Mine Prospect

S Waterview Ln, Coeur d'Alene, ID, US

Claimed by wiildrose 2 months 1 week ago (1d 2h 3m 8s since publication)

Snowy drove & hike today!

146 - Peering at the Pier

Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA, US

Claimed by U_Dac 2 months 1 week ago (4h 3m 10s since publication)

Snagged! Woke up later than I would have liked and had to make breakfast before heading out to find this. Fortunately, I was off for the day and had less competition to find this. The bonus was getting a free container that I could use to replace a missing cache. TFTT

052 - The Ape is looking for Freedom

Skidmore Rd, Lagrangeville, NY, US

Claimed by Firefighter Skippy 2 months 1 week ago (2h 41m 44s since publication)

Yes! I was headed to the DCRT today when I saw this posted, not too far out of my way. Got to the park and the coordinates pouted .31 out through some fields. Headed that way and when I got to about 400 feet from the coordinates I saw signs saying posted no trespassing. I then took a closer look at the pictures I said wait a minute that’s right near where I parked made my way back there and sure enough found a coin. Thanks 🙏.

028 - As the Crow Flies

Crow Butte State Park Rd, Paterson, WA, US

Claimed by Quilt or Cache 2 months 1 week ago (8h 21m 3s since publication)

What a great drive.


Wheaton Way, Bremerton, WA, US

Claimed by DocMikey 2 months 1 week ago (1h 54m 7s since publication)

An amazing morning with one of my favorite cachers, TheScarlettRose! Two wins this morning! First that I get to get out with this amazing catcher. More importantly, this is her 1st FTF!! Super exciting and happy dances this morning!! The park sponsors some amazing artwork and it took us an extra second, as the zombie had already been pained over. The cache was in a great place and we were really surprised that someone hadn’t found it already. Thank you so much for the hunt and artwork and quality time this morning! ^_^

075 - The Sporty Simian

E Mall, UBC, University Endowment Lands, BC, CA

Claimed by Kev_MacD 2 months 1 week ago (40m 35s since publication)

Thank you for a ticket to the show!

036 - Ape running loose at Hell's Gate

Hells Gate Rd, Lewiston, ID, US

Claimed by Mama_Dawn 2 months 1 week ago (35m 27s since publication)

My phone sounded at 6am. I was up, dressed, and on location by 6:15am. After going the wrong way around, I made the the snow. ;) Think it’s time for coffee now!

137 - Trolling around at Wallace Swamp Creek Park

73rd Ave NE, Bothell, WA, US

Claimed by Qaz&Kids 2 months 1 week ago (1h 32m 58s since publication)

This turned out to be a nice morning walk that almost ended up walking away with a DNF. More later

078 - Boondock APE

S 2nd St, Washougal, WA, US

Claimed by Y2K' 2 months 1 week ago (1h 53m 44s since publication)

Well saw this one about 45 mins after going live and it was a hour drive away, wasn’t sure I wanted to attempt it since I know there would be a lot of people going for it..... but I did anyways I got her about 2 hours after it published and a guy was at GZ. My heart sunk I started that way and be left, so I looked anyways and there it was.... glad it was just a muggle.... THANKS

014 - Spit the APE

Ediz Hook Rd, Port Angeles, WA, US

Claimed by z.p.jones 2 months 2 weeks ago (11h 36m 49s since publication)

Saw this publish in the morning and wasn't hopeful that I'd be able to get to it first. But as I got off work, and noone was watching it yet, I set out. A leisurely drive, ending in a very interesting spot. Thanks for the tag, can't wait to get the ticket to match.

013 - APE over Blyn

NF-040, Sequim, WA, US

Claimed by Harvey's Pack 2 months 2 weeks ago (3h 41m 49s since publication)

Wow, what a view!! We saw this about an hour after publication, briefly discussed whether we thought we had a chance to get there first, with a two hour drive ahead of us, and then very quickly loaded the dogs in the car and were on our way from Olympia. It took us two attempts to find the correct forest road to GZ and there was one stretch were I wasn't sure that my tiny Kia was gonna make it, but we got it done! Many, many thanks to the hider!🐾