113 - A Shopping Ape

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W 12th Ave, Airway Heights, WA, US

Zira loves to shop but needs a little break. Out back she finds a nice quiet spot by a tree.

Hint - Look under the broken curb.


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check_circle 1 month 2 days ago

YESSS! I feel like Charlie when he got his golden ticket. I have been waiting patiently for the opportunity to grab one of these. Well, it worked out because I forgot that I ran out of milk for breakfast so I skipped it in lieu of expedience. That paid off. So, with ice skates under my wheels, I skidded my way to the local coffee place and grabbed a victory breakfast sandwich and slid off to the job. One of the best parts about the number for logging this ticket is the code, it is so befitting of me. Thanks to those who placed. To bad this golden ticket doesn't earn me access to a magical factory.


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