076 - A Spectacular View and an Ape Too!

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Willoughby Rd, West Vancouver, BC, CA

With the end of both the game and the year fast approaching, this ape decided to head here to reflect on all of the amazing times they have had participating in Snag the Tag. From hunting elusive Mammoths, to hiding Secret Dossiers scooped up by Special Agents, to placing Golden Tickets for our inner Charlie’s to gleefully discover, it has been a distinctly exciting year. The ape reflected upon all of the hiders, the finders, the volunteers and the organizers who have made this game wildly popular during these unpredictable times and felt the need to give thanks to all of them. When the ape was finished sitting, reflecting and enjoying the view of the city’s lights, he left a ticket stub tucked away underneath as a reminder to the finder of how thankful we can all be for Snag The Tag. Enjoy the view as you don’t need a ticket to do that! Good luck and happy holidays! PS, it may help to bring a TOTT to retrieve the ticket stub from the tight space. 😁🐒


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check_circle 1 month 2 days ago

soooo do I get a banana now?


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