089 - Where’s the Ladder?

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Mountain Loop Hwy, Jordan Road-Canyon Creek, WA, US

This ape had always heard it called a fish ladder, not a fishway. As it turned out, he never found a ladder, or a way, let alone a fish - he was hoping for some dinner. (Shhh . . .don’t embarrass him - the ladder is across the highway from where he is.) Can you help him out?

Hint: Nf nyjnlf, gur TCF xabjf. Gur ncr vf uvqvat whfg oneryl gb gur yrsg bs gur znva ubyr. Or pnershy erzbivat uvz, znlor pnershyyl fyvqvat uvz gb gur evtug. Ur znl trg fghpx vs lbh ner abg pnershy.


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Bog boi

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It’s me I found it

Broncos Fan 4 Life

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