090 - Allen Ape

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91st St NE, Marysville, WA, US

Welcome to Doleshel Park, an old Christmas tree farm. Allen the Ape came here for a tree, but hadn’t been filled in on its current status. As he waits for transport to a better farm, he is seeking advice from the salmon. It is a short walk to Allen’s location overlooking the creek - if it's wet out, be prepared for slippery mud for a short distance, before the bridge. Access this park from 67th Ave NE. There is no access from the nearby school.

Hint: Nyyra vf yrneavat nobhg fnyzba. Yrsg yrt, ybj, erne fvqr, va pybfr.


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Ran out the door in my crocs!!!! Finally one in my area. Thank you so much!!!!!

Broncos Fan 4 Life

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